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2010-06-14 01:40:13 by TheDarkJuggla

Another day, another week, another month, another year.. we all walk forward on the path of life, not knowing whats in store for us, or knowing exactly when we reach the end. There are a few surprises along the way, hardships, unique situations, and we all handle them differently. To each their own as they say. I've been through many hardships, but not one of them has required so much sacrifice.. but within sacrifice, pain, love, joy, sadness, Inpiration is born.. Inpirations like none other has flowed into my mind, into my very soul.. And my way of expression is music.. So to the masses i present the product of my imagination, my dreams, my nightmares.. soon, you all will behold the power of the mind and what you can unlock if you so choose to pursue it..


2009-01-13 02:12:55 by TheDarkJuggla

Posted up another mix this time. Check It Out Here. its been awhile since i fucked with that so check it out.

god i need more audio mixing equipment...


Ok So..

2009-01-08 21:31:27 by TheDarkJuggla

I thought up this idea a few days ago, and decided to put up a pic on what i was thinking. im sure everybody has forgotten about it since the post was slowly forgotten. but if you wanna read up on what was said check it out here 14165/1

Ok So..

Yet Another

2009-01-07 05:07:01 by TheDarkJuggla

Taking advantage of my 20-day Trial of Virtual DJ

Check it out and tell me what you think! /201291

Well Well

2009-01-05 05:53:34 by TheDarkJuggla

I Gots me a new Audio Submission
Check It Out.
Tell me what you think. /200629



2009-01-05 02:56:46 by TheDarkJuggla

I forgot about this.

Yes, my first full length, expertly produced Track "Trippin" in a few days the best fuckin song with hit your eardrums like a skitso dog on a moped into a jello spoon of awesomeness!!!! be on the look out!

keep it wickid.

Whhaaats up?

2008-03-31 16:36:33 by TheDarkJuggla

Whats up all of my Juggalos and Lettes out there! i just resubmited one of my older songs after i fixed it up a bit. i am going to start workin on a few new tracks for some wickid 08 freshness. so gather round and prepare youself for some of the freshest mixs you'll ever hear!

Keep it wickid

Whhaaats up?